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i'm a mutt

I just started reading G.K. Chesterton's Orthodoxy, and so far I'm loving it! But it has brought up again some interesting things that the Lord has been stirring in my heart. Chesterton's theology is different from what I would brand myself as (though I would rather not be branded.), but from some of the things I have read, his heart sings in tune with mine. Listen to this:

The poet only asks to get his head into the heavens. It it the logician who seeks to get the
heavens into his head. And it is his head that splits.

Awesome! Though at the same time, I would say to him that logic and philosophy can sometimes be the opposite of getting heaven into our heads and instead be poetry of a different kind, grasping at the depths of God that the poet would just skim over with flowery words.

Ok where am I going? Chesterton is a guy that perhaps I would not have read if I got myself pigeon holed into a very narrow theological perspective. I have been challenged lately that while we need to have clear understandings of Scripture, it can be a wonderful thing to embrace our muttness, and continually explore what it means to be a worshipper of Jesus. I would rather be a man who says "I want to know Jesus." rather than a man who says, "This is how it is."

Feels kinda loosy goosy as I write this...and having reread it...doesn't flow so great...but, what the hey, maybe I'm just trying to get my head into heaven.

Great thoughts Matt! We're all mutts when it comes down to it.

I think God will slap me on the back of my head when I get to heaven and he'll say... "Well done... but why did you think I meant _______?"

Gk is a good man. I read orthodoxy recently too and enjoyed it. didn't agree with everything, but the man is good at making you rethink your categories. Funny thing about your post is I remember having the same conversation with you on "theological muttness" on your back porch with Stu close to 7 years ago. Your post brought back good memories...

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