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This whole relief effort in New Orleans has been so disappointing. It seems there have been definite holes in the process, but then again there have been some serious set backs as well. This is the time that folks need to step up...to rise above be something more.

Then Kanye West spoke...Usually when people make ignorant comments it rolls right off my back. His comments on the NBC disaster relief concert were ridiculous and out of line. That was neither the place or the time for public critique...his insensitivity to the great need only communicated ignorance and insensitivity and most likely simply served to inflame rather that help.

Be a part of the solution...

Last weekend I said to my husband regarding the predictions for Katrina..."well atleast we have resources that the tsunami victims didn't have. I never thought I'd spend the last 5 days being haunted by my own statement. I watched a segment of the news where a mother was desperate for help with her baby who lay listless in her arms. She was yelling and saying she was unable to wake him. That image is one of the most disturbing, and is embedded in my head. I cried, I sobbed. Withing minutes my crying had awoken my two year old son. I hugged him, and would not let go.

Last night Bill O'Reily made a comment that the looters purposely stayed behind to loot knowing they would have the opportunity. I admit the first day it was disturbing to watch. However as things unfolded, and the situaitons went from bad to chaos, I could almost find understanding as to why people could go a-wall.
I think Bill was too critical in his statement. To confuse me further, I also found myself in agreement with Rev. Al Sharpton ( a man I usually can't stand)

Thanks for a sincere post.


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