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Weighty Words From an Innocent Mouth

Hope was just sitting across from me in my office on a stool. She was asking me to sing to her. So as we went through a set list of songs including Jesus Loves Me, to Every Move I Make (I had grown a bit tired of I'm a Little Teapot recently) she gleefully listened and tried to do the hand motions. She is so full of words lately and was trying to express to me what she wanted next when these words came from my daughter's mouth.

Hope need Jesus too!

Its hard for me to express the impact those words had on me at that moment. They were said with such glee and joy, that the weight and truth of them nearly escaped me, but coming for the first time from the mouth of one so innocent, I was floored. Hope does need Jesus. What a responsibility that we have as parents to rightly communicate the saving love of Jesus to our children. I pray that Hope will always say those words with such joy and wreckless abandon...and I pray that she will say them with understanding at a young age.

I'm speaking on the 6th chapter of Galatians this week at History. Its amazing to me as we have studied together this book, and as I am preparing to wrap up this series for Ben, the power of the simplicity of the gospel. It is something that to us as Christians is so familiar, but still moves us to a sense of wonder. I pray that I never lose familiarity or wonder at the truth of the saving love of Jesus Christ.

God is good.

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