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Uniquely Us

This past friday some of the families in our small group put together a backyard outdoor movie night. It was an awesome time. It drew a bunch of Butch and Evelyn's neighbors (the hosts) and the majority of the 45 people who attended the word of mouth event, have never been a part of our church. It was great! The three families from History, ours, the Kruses, and the Milams had numerous opportunities to talk with these neighbors and begin to build some relationships.

In ministry leadership we are always on the lookout for things that "work." Sometimes in that we start looking frantically at what everyone else is doing and try any and everything, usually wasting a great deal of time, energy and money. It struck me this weekend that this event went so well and was so easy because we were uniquely equipped to pull it off. History is a portable church right now so we have resources, gifts and equipment that are different from other churches. Our ability to do an event like this quickly and easily for what we pray will be a good return was different than other churches. I think Paul was up to something when he talked about each of us having gifts...I was reminded again with the importance of churches as well as individuals evaluating where their "capital" is. What are the ways that we as a community are uniquely gifted, and then run with those things. I really believe that God will bless that and we will see great success as a result.