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Transition Coaches

Just got back from the courthouse. I'm now an official marriage celebrant. A quote from the lady taking my oath:

Do you solemly swear...blah blah blah...Congratulations....now how old are you?

My first wedding will be for my sister and best friend. Very cool...

Being finally made official has got me thinking about my job as a minister. It is amazing. Its my job and my priviledge to be present in peoples greatest moments of transition. Birth, College, Marriage, Kids, Death. This is a call to be present in a very significant way in peoples lives at these crucial times.

I think about how significantly I have been shaped by those seasons in my life...except for the death one...I haven't died yet. I also think about how much I have chaffed against God when those seasons have been difficult. Considering my call to coach and minister to other folks through that, perhaps I need to be very greatful for the struggles.

Trouble is when I start getting greatful for struggles...feels like I am asking for more...crud..."I consider everything loss for the sake of knowing Christ..."