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On my way home

I'm getting ready to leave Va. Beach to head back to Reston. I came down yesterday as "reinforcements" for my mom, aunt, and grandfather who were holding down the fort at the hospital. Grandma is doing much better. They took her off the ventilator, and she was coherent and alert today when I left...Definitely on the upswing. The docs were talking about putting an internal defibulator in her heart...basically a shock machine that will go off if her heart goes out of rhythm...amazing!

It was my grandparent's 61st wedding anniversary yesterday. As I watch my grandfather hold her hand as she was on the vent, I was reminded again at how much I have to learn from those who have gone before me. I want to have 61+ years of marriage...I want to be the man of prayer that my grandfather is. He walks every morning delivering newspapers in his retirement community and uses that time to pray for our whole family. I have no doubt that this family leans heavily on the prayer support of that man.

Being young in ministry we push for innovation and figuring out what will best reach the next generation. It's good to slow down and remember some too though. I thank God for my grandparents.